Josie’ Sexy Ass

Josie Model has returned you guys and she has another great one for us. The hot teen showed us a bit more this time as she was getting ready to jump in the shower. As you can see her fine ass is the main focus and we get to see a lot of it in the scene. She was wearing her sexy panties, white with some colorful strips and that’s about it. Her bra was off, showing off those perky tits. Oh, she sure loves teasing us. Just like the actiongirls nude scenes where they show off their big tits and fine curves. Josie really enjoys sharing these kind of things with you guys and more than that, she really loves posing in front of the camera.

As you can see from the older updates she has days where she focuses on her ass, on some days she focuses on her ass it depends on the mood. The gorgeous teen knows how to keep us on our toes, leaving us wanting more and more. With each scene we want more and more and Josie delivers it every single time. It’s a reason why we are all here and that’s sexy Josie and her teasing. No one knows it better than her. You guys can see the entire picture gallery by following the link below and we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did. See you next time!

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Josie Model – Sexy bra

Here we have our teen Canadian amateur Josie Model showing us her sexy body and of course her tiny white bra. She is a young model begging for attention, after a hard childhood she wants to feel loved, so she searches for it in every male presence near her. She really likes creating a connection between her and her loved one, so she offers it all: her smoking hot body, perfect tits and of course her tight pussy. Check out to see more of this delicious little babe, but for now do enjoy this fresh update with her.

She got herself a new and sexy bra as the title implies, and she was very much eager to show it off to you guys in this nice scene. You can see her in the kitchen once more as it provided the perfect lighting, and well she looked even sexier too. The petite amateur chick starts off by removing her top to let you see her white bikini bra better, and as you can pretty much guess, she takes it off in the end as well to let you see those nice and juicy perky tits of hers as well. Have fun with the scene and do enjoy the amazing gallery today everyone.

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Public Stripping

Josie Model went in a trip with some close friends and took her camera with her, just in case. Well she did a good thing because she founded the perfect location for her future shooting. She started taking off her cloths one by one, starting with her red shirt and continuing with her blue panties. Revealing her delicious curves, those huge jugs and that tight pussy. Enjoy watching the naughty little lady as she gets to have some more outdoor fun for this JosieModel update, and see her parading her amazing body outdoors once more.


The kinky and cute Josie was all ready and eager to get started for you guys today, and the only things she had on for her little posing scene, was a red checkered top to cover her cute boobies and her small and sexy dark blue shorts. So just sit back and watch her do some naughty and kinky posing for you guys as she gets to show off her amazing body, and enjoy this superb setting with the lovely and cute babe today everyone. We will be seeing you guys next week once more with fresh and sexy and also indecent exposure scenes. Bye bye!

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Indoor activities

Josie Model is here with a indoor gallery, but no worries I can assure you wont get bored. She was losing time, watching TV when it hit her. Why doesn’t she takes some pics for you guys? So she started to take her cloths of one by one. First her sweater revealing her impressive knockers and continuing with her pants. Check it out and watch the naughty and sexy babe as she gets to play some more all by herself in this fresh and hot update today. So let’s just get started and see her in action shall we?

Josie was wearing her around the house clothes, and as you can see her outfit was composed of some yoga pants, and her tshirt. Well she takes off the shirt fast as she knows that you love seeing her perky and cute tits, and then she teases you as she poses around with her pants on. Her sexy and round ass look perfect while wearing them, and when she took them off, she revealed her sexy and cute pair of pink string panties too. Have fun with this nice and fresh update today and see you guys next week with another amazing and hot scene. See also this gallery, cause it will impress you a lot, or visit the site and see other beauties teasing with their sexy feet!


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Josie Model – Naked Cooking

Beside her great looks, Josie Model is also a house gal. She loves cleaning and she especially loves cooking. She doesn’t do it like no one else. Josie doesn’t like wearing any cloths underneath her waistcloth. Just look at that delicious round ass just waiting to get spanked. Check out her entire gallery, it’s worth it for sure. Let’s just take the time to enjoy seeing this nice and lovely cute babe as she gets wild for you once more with this fresh and sexy gallery without any more delays today shall we?

josie-model-looking-hot-in-the-kitchenIt seems that the sexy and cute babe Josie was very much in the mood to get naughty in the kitchen and she was going to take her time to show off that sexy and hot body of hers too. She makes her entry and as you can see, she was wearing only her cute apron on with nothing else. Of course she gets to take her time teasing you with some nice and hot views of her sexy and amazing body, and you get to see her perky tits and lovely pussy later too as she takes it off completely to show off. Have fun everyone! Don’t forget that you can visit the site and see another gorgeous babe stripping!

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Sunny day

What a great day for a shooting right? That’s what Josie Model thought too. She took her yellow swim suit and went out door for some tanning. But all that heat made her even hornier that usual, so she couldn’t take it and slowly started to take off her cloths, first her bra revealing those delicious tits. Afterwards continued with her tiny panties, but no before spreading those beautiful long legs wide open. Check it out today and see the inky little lady as she gets to have some more fun for you guys. Click here for another outdoor fun!

This fresh and sexy week, the cutie decided to play around in the sun outdoors, and she had the perfect little outfit to do so as well. As you can see it was a small and sexy little yellow bikini, that made this babe’s body look even more hotter while she wore it. And of course she gets to take it off and show off those perky and amazing tits for the cameras and you guys this fine day today. Enjoy seeing her playing with that nice and sexy body of hers today, and do come back next week for some more of JosieModel scenes! If you can’t wait until the next update, enter the site and see another gorgeous chick massaging her perfect round boobs!


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Josie Model Pussy Close Up

Check this hot Josie model pussy close up. She decided you deserve to be spoiled today, so what better way than to show off her hot body for you guys. She slowly undressed revealing that hot fit body, those perfectly round tits and that eager tight pussy. Just take a look you wont regret it one bit. So let’s just check out this babe and see what she likes to do when she’s all alone at home shall we?


This sweet and cute babe has a very sexy and hot body as you can see and she just adores to show it off whenever she gets the chance to. And today you get to enjoy seeing her in action without delay too. Watch her stripping out of her sexy little outfit, and then see her parading those nice and sexy nude curves for you guys and the camera in this fresh and sexy scene of hers. She will be back next week once more with another sexy update for you so make sure that you stay tuned and don’t miss it okay? If you wanna see this hot babe nude one more time have a look at our website!

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It’s Too Hot In Here!

Hi there fellas! Are you having enough fun in this hot summer? Are you enjoying the time spend around our website? We have some fresh new poses that you definitely wanna have a look at! We gotta warn you cause you might never seen this babe before as you will see her today! Maybe you will never believe but yeah, this beautiful babe Josie cooks! And we will have the chance to have a look at her today as she cooks some pasta and she gets her round ass pumped by a hot guy! Have a sear and watch!

These two guys know each other for a long time and it is not the first time when she goes to her place to help him cook! Well, today it was a very hot day and they were so hungry! They had this crazy idea of cooking butt naked! Well this natural chick barely had the chance to put the pasta to boil cause this guy observed that round ass, lubed it out and he shoved that hard cock inside in no time! He couldn’t stop until he filled that tiny hole with all the cum he could get! Enjoy watching this hot JosieModel anal sex scene! For more kitchen scene check out this amazing scene! See you soon!


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Naughty Josie Strips

Hi there once again today! We thought you might be gone by now, aren’t you late to work? We are back again today cause we have just received a fresh new JosieModel update as this nasty babe can’t stop once she is so fired up! So in this evening this nasty chick couldn’t be stopped from stripping in her friend’s house and this guy not only filmed her but also gived her a rough fuck that she will forever remember! Take a seat and watch them as they gonna have lots and lots of fun! Let’s have a look at how all these crazy things started!

This babe had a very crazy mood for today, she kept fooling around with this guy she knew since they were in high school and they were very good friends! This shy guy kept provoking her to take her clothes off and once he has seen that tiny and wet pussy he couldn’t help licking her over and over again! Once he is stopped he pulled down his pants and his fat friend came out to give him a little hand in satisfying her! So he kept fucking her over and over again up until this babe had a very deep and intense orgasm! Enjoy this stripping session as well! Also you can watch this great naughty Elli video and see a horny MILF fingering her pussy!


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Josie Model – Wicked Weasel

Hey there fellas! How things been doing lately? As good as always? Pretty good! We are thrilled to have you back so we prepared this nude Josie Model photo shooting just for you guys! We know you enjoyed all the previous updates and that you are back for more! Well, this naughty babe decided to have some time off and do something for you! that is why she started to took her clothes off and asked one friend to shoot some amateur photos! Let’s have a look at what happened next!

As this babe has prepared a red room in her house where she likes taking pictures she thought it was about time to refresh her site a little bit with some new fresh and funky content! And he asked this friend of hers to keep shooting her naked but make her fine ass appear in all these pictures! This guy of course he listened to her and did all the things she asked him but now she had to return his favor by sucking that massive cock and letting him penetrate that tight ass! So guys if you are interested in seeing some anal action and some professional cock sucking have a look at this entire scene and enjoy it! See you soon! Until then, check out the Elli Nude blog and watch another beauty getting naked for you!


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