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Last updated: June 30th, 2017
Here you have more Josie Model video in case you want to see more of this hottie Canadian amateur. Here we have out teen, having a good time in a sunny day on alone on the lawn. Wearing here tiny red panties, this teen doesn’t like tanning with marks on, so a bra is out of discussion. After a few hours of sitting alone, some guys started talking with her, of course trying to get into her sexy panties and they did late day afternoon, with some hardcore pussy filling!  If you want to see more check out updates. So let’s not wait around any longer and see this babe and her lovely video update today shall we?

The cameras start rolling, and you can see that the cutie decided to choose a outdoor location for her superb little naughty posing session this afternoon. The weather was just perfect for her to take to the outdoors and strip and as usual you get front row seats to her kinky and sexy show today. She decided to do some sunbathing and as you can see she was wearing a sexy set of red lingerie that would turn anyone on at it’s sight. Watch her show off her perky tits to you once more this afternoon and enjoy this simply superb update. Also you can take the time to check out her past updates as well and we promise that you guys won’t be disappointed one bit!

josie-model-on-a-sunny-day  Take a look at Josie Model getting her tight pussy filled!


Josie Model galleries

Enjoy our Josie Model galleries with fresh new pics with this teen amateur. Sitting by the fireplace put our Canadian amateur in a romantic mood. So she decided to loosen up a bit, taking off some cloths, making herself more comfortable. After a few minutes of laying down in front of the fireplace she thought to call a friend of her to keep her company. In a half an hour she was there ready for some one on one action and lesbian sex action she had. JosieModel was already undressed so he jumped right into it, starting with some pussy licking, making her all wet.


The beautiful and sexy Josie is back ones more with another superb gallery update for you and this time she was even more naughty and kinky than usual. Today you get to sit back and relax as you get to watch her pose and reveal her nude muse body in front of the warm fire place as outside was pretty cold for today. Watch her take off her around the house outfit to show you her perky and playful breasts, and then see her posing and playing around until she also removes her cute pink panties too to show you her lovely pussy today. As always enjoy and watch her gallery and do come back next week for some more of her fresh and sensual content guys!

 Watch here beautiful Josie striping in front of the fireplace!


Sexy lingerie

Check out Josie Model’s sexy lingerie just waiting to get ripped by a hot stud. This young lady is going to bed ready to dream of her prince charming making her a night visit, all set up to rock her world. A girl only can imagine at that perfect night with the chosen one, all naked trying to please each other as well as they can, some pussy licking, some cock sucking all for a good time.

It seems that our one and only cutie wanted to do some more naughty JosieModel photo shoots and she was in the mood for something really kinky today. So she thought that nothing looks more kinky and hot than a sexy see through lingerie outfit. So watch closely as this naughty and sexy babe takes to show off her sexy see through lingerie outfit this afternoon. And as you can see it was composed of a very cute night gown that doesn’t leave too much for the imagination, and her purple see through panties as well for just a quick and naughty glimpse of her lovely and eager pussy. Enjoy this babe’s sexy lingerie and her entire gallery as always and see you next week with more amazing stuff everyone! See you next time, friends! Bye for now and do take your time to enjoy Josie and her sexy lingerie today.

josie model in a sexy lingerie

 See Josie showing off her hot body in a see through lingerie!


Josie Model nude

Take a look at Josie Model nude shots in the shower. After a hard day at school, all our girl wanted was to rip off her cloths and jump in the shower. All those hot steams made her horny as hell, her nipples got harder and that tight pussy was begging for some cock attention. Go here to see the entire scene, because fortunately Josie’s black dildo was all ready for dirty work. JosieModel started with touching her pussy gently, afterward she slowly slipped her dildo in that tight pussy deeper and deeper. We hope you’ll enjoy it, as you get to see this superb babe have fun for your viewing pleasure one more time today and she went for a superb bath scene once more!

josie model shower scene

As the cameras start to roll, you get to see it follow miss Josie around as she takes off more and more of her clothes and she finally enters the shower with just her cute and adorable panties on. Sit back and watch the hot water drip all over this sizzling hot babe’s body today, and enjoy her taking her time to tease you as well. You know she has the moves and skill to do so so don’t even try to resist. Watch her posing semi nude and then nude in the shower as she washes her superb body today, and with that we are taking our leave. We will see you again next week with more of her little naughty adventures everyone!

Check out lovely Josie getting wet in the shower!


JosieModel pleasing herself in public

Our girl, JosieModel, really likes long walks in nature, or if she has time near the sea. In a free weekend she decided to go visit the sea side. It was all so beautiful, so quite without any people around. So she went to take a bath in the sea. Josie Model toke her cloths off slowly, afterwards she started fooling around in the warm water, naked of course, didn’t take her to long to get horny, and in a second she started fingering her tight pussy without caring who can see her. If you liked this update and you are looking for similar galleries, cum inside blog and have fun watching busty Justine revealing her perfectly shaped body.

Well our sexy babe wasn’t quite at the extremely public place, but it was still pretty open. She went to the seaside and once there she started to have fun with her body as she was all alone. And nothing seems to turn on this cute babe on more than just being solo. So all dressed up as she is, you get to see her slide her hands under her shirt to play with her boobs, and soon one of her little lusty hands makes it’s way into her pants as it starts to rub her pussy. Sit back and watch her having fun pleasing herself at the beach side today and enjoy the scene. She will return next week once more as always with more superb and sexy content for you guys to see. So enjoy it and see you then! Until then, you can watch some Brianna Jordan videos and see another beauty showing off her goodies!

josie model horny at the seasideWatch here horny JosieModel pleasing herself in public!


Josie Model pictures

Check out Josie Model pictures of her trying off beach outfits. She just can’t decide what to wear, outside is too hot and wearing too many cloths can’t be a good decision. She choose white, a hat, a shirt and some tiny panties. I think she made the right choice. Those panties make her ass look tight and also perfectly round and that shirt reveals the perfect amount of skin for everyone to see that smoking body. Check out blog and see another hottie stripping for you. But for now let’s focus on miss Josie and her fresh and sexy update today shall we guys and gals? You get to see the sexy babe in action once more.

josie model wearing white panties

As another fresh week started, your lovely and hot babe decided to show off some more of her hot body to you guys today. In this scene she wanted to keep the theme to white and as you can see our lovely cutie does have what to show off in addition to her simply superb and sexy body. And namely that was a superb and sexy little lingerie outfit that this hottie just does wonders in. Sit back and watch her as she poses and shows off her white sexy panties and see her taking them off along with the shirt to show her nude curves to you guys today as well. Have fun with her update and see you next week with some more nice and hot scenes as always guys. Goodbye!

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Josie revealing her hot body

Young amateur, Josie Model, can’t decide what to wear to tonight’s party. She tried everything in her closet, all the dresses, shirts, everything, but with no result.  She was confused because she wanted to look as sexy as hell, just like her good friend MellisaClarke looks like. So what can she wear so her tits look perfect and that tight ass that can’t pass by without being noticed? Can anyone help out little Canadian hottie? We bet that you will not be disappointed if you’ll help her choosing the perfect outfit for tonight. Well like always let’s get her show on the road and see this cutie in action along with her simply stunning and sexy body.

The cameras start to roll, and our lovely babes is all ready to show off her body today and boy does she do a marvelous job at it as well. Well she always manages to do that, but today even more so as she wants you to see as she gets to undress and reveal her superb body to you once more. watch her taking to the bathroom and see her taking off her clothes to reveal her body, and see that slender body and perky pair of boobs revealed to you. Watch closely as this cute and sexy babe, JosieModel takes the time to play around with her sexy and hot body and enjoy her sexy little scene update today as always. Also you might visit the site if you wanna see some sweet ladies getting spied up in the dressing room! See you guys next time!

josie model boobs

Check out teen amateur Josie revealing her firm tits!


Josie Model fingering scene

Today you are in for a treat, some Josie Model hardcore action. She is getting ready for her hot date with her boyfriend James. She set the mood, candles all over the room, her favorite playlist. She is very romantic, just like her good friend Melissa Clarke, another gorgeous model. Of course Josie choose her lingerie wisely, her green bra, that makes her tits look perfect and her colorful panties that advantages her tight and firm ass. While waiting for her boy to appear she started fingering her tight pussy and massaging her firm tits. Check it out and don’t miss this superb update with your very sexy and loveable babe today.

josie model hardcore sceneJosie decided to do something rather special for you guys today, and that seemed to involve her getting naughty for you guys once more. Sit back and watch her make her appearance wearing a super sexy and cute little lingerie outfit on top of her bed. And with that she starts to pose sensually around just for you before moving on to the more interesting part. Watch her massage her body, and see her make her way down to her pussy as she slides her slutty hand inside her panties. Watch this cute and horny babe as she finger fucks herself just for you and enjoy her simply marvelous show for this afternoon everyone. We’ll see you next week! If you liked this beauty and you can’t wait until the next week’s post, check out the wet and puffy site and see other beautiful chicks getting naked for the video camera!

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Massaging in the shower

Watch here our gorgeous teen amateur, Josie Model, getting all nasty in the shower. Despite her parents being home, she didn’t get shy in front of the camera, showing us her little tits. Wearing her favorite swim suite, she begun with taking of her bra and gently massaging her firm tits getting her nipples hard, after she goes down and removes her panties and reveals us her tight pussy, waiting to get wet and dirty. Well dirty only metaphorically speaking, but you know what we mean. This cute babe wants to show off once more and you get to see her sexy and hot show this fine afternoon as usual so let’s get started.

Miss Josie fancied taking the said shower, and she thought that it may be a great idea to let you see her doing it as well. And so she had the camera trail her all the way in the shower. Watch her appearing wearing her sexy and revealing floral bikini outfit, and see her turning on the hot water. You get to see the warm liquid drip and run all along her incredible body today, and to be even more naughty and kinky she starts playing wit her boobs just to tease you some more. Enjoy her superb and fresh update today guys and gals and check out her past updates as well for some more amazing stuff to see!

josie model wet and wild in the showerWatch here sexy Josie massaging her firm tits!


Josie Model getting naughty

Josie Model loves the camera and the camera loves her. So she decided when she was younger to make herself a present, a camera, so she could take as many picture as she liked, all the time. In this particular case, she thought to pose in her living room, of course when she was all alone in that big house of hers. All started with Josie Model fully dressed, but with every shot taken she drop an article of clothing. She shows us her hot body, those perfectly round tits and that firm ass. What a view today indeed.

josie model posing sexy

Well one way or another you get to sit and enjoy watching the cute babe named Josie as she gets to go wild on cameras for you guys. Sit back and watch this cutie start off by making her entry to the scene wearing her sexy and cute little outfit composed of that sexy and hoot red tank top and her absolutely gorgeous and tight shorts too. Watch her closely as she gets to strike some sexy and sensual poses for you and enjoy her lovely scene as she goes full naughty mode for you guys today. We’ll be seeing you guys next week with another sexy model, so do stay tuned to make sure that you don’t miss it!

 See beautiful Josie getting naughty in front of the camera!